Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Moulding Chronicle March 2009

Dear Friends,

After much stress and questioning of what God was really saying to us we are finally here and
getting settled into our new home in La Paz. Once we found a place things moved very fast and within a week we had moved which didn’t give us much opportunity to say goodbye to Sucre friends but we were glad for it finally to all be sorted and are happy knowing that we will have other opportunities to say goodbye properly to friends in Sucre as we will be returning frequently to visit our FH staff there.

Alana coped well with all the packing up and being shifted about, however, she has taken longer to settle on this side, which made life a little difficult for the first week or so. She appears to be happier now and has started going to Kinder for 3 mornings a week.

Ed has started working in El Alto but frustratingly things still are not very clear as to his role,
particularly as they are still in the planning stages. Hopefully things will begin to become more clear in the following weeks.

The first few days for Sarah were quite hard, adjusting to a new routine with Ed gone for most of the day from 7.45 am until 6 pm, Alana not being very easy to handle and feeling under the weather. However things are beginning to improve on all accounts so hopefully soon she can pick up again with work herself.

Church has been good, we knew where we were wanting to attend before we moved so that has helped in not having to do the whole church hop thing. Though that too is taking a bit of adjusting too as the style is very different to what we are accustomed to with over an hour of praise and worship followed by an hour of preaching. One good thing is that there are people who help out in crèche so it means that for the first time in ages we can enjoy a service together. Alana stays with us for the worship part then goes and plays during the preach.

So we praise God and thank you for all of your prayers and encouragements that has helped us through this difficult time of change.

Thank God for:
• Our new home
• The friends we already have here
• Our new church

Ask God for:
• To all feel settled and at home quickly
• Wisdom as to what to be involved with outside of FH
• Good health and opportunity to rest
• Building friendships within FH in La Paz

With much love
Ed, Sarah & Alana

Friday, 27 March 2009

K is for Kilo

There are not many words in Spanish that begin with K in our dictionary there are 6 words. 4 are to do with measurements, one is a country and the last one 'kiosco' translated as bandstand!!

So what is the country that begins with K?
Answers on a postcard to the usual address

J is for Jell-O!!!

What is this??

One problem of living here in Bolivia is that most people who speak English just don’t speak it proper. They speak American instead missing out ‘u’ from words and saying words like jell-O for jelly, jelly for jam, pants for trousers, cell phone for mobile phone, trash for rubbish, and many other words that are just said wrong!!

Results of a short storm in La Paz!!!

We're Moved

Well having talked about it since before Christmas on the 15th March we finally said goodbye to Sucre and all our friends there and moved up to La Paz. God is as always very good to those who love him. We got very frustrated at not being able to find a place when we wanted but God had it all in control and provided us with a great apartment on the 8th floor that is more than we had asked for.

Now it’s almost two weeks since we moved and we’ve had some good weather days and some bad ones. Good ones being when we can see Bolivia’s highest mountain Illimani from our living room window and seeing double rainbows. Bad ones watching our road turn into a river within minutes when we have a SHORT hail, rain and thunder storm that got quite deep and sent boxes, rubbish and metal signs sailing down the road coming to rest against cars! (see below).

This all happened as I was about to go up to the office for the afternoon. Needless to say I waited for it to stop before leaving!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Ed plays with Ice Cream!!

Not sure why but last month I woke up one morning thinking about ice cream in particular wall’s viennetta. Which brought back many memory’s of looking forward to having one for dinner when Mum occasionally brought on, and the sadness that it had to be shared between the five of us, even worse if there where visitors for dinner!!

So there I was lying in bed thinking about making on. So I did one weekend. I melted some chocolate and put it in-between layers of some ice cream I made up from a packet.

Below is Wall’s description of their viennetta.

Share cracking moments of togetherness

Viennetta, a modern everyday premium dessert with the unmistakable "crack".

Just the sight of a piece of Viennetta with its delicious chocolaty layers is enough to make mouths water!
It's the way that these wafer thin smooth layers melt on the tongue! And combined with waves of really
light ice cream between each layer, Viennetta is the perfect ice cream treat for those little everyday
Viennetta, let's share cracking ice cream moments!

Mine didn’t meet that description but it did have the cracking noise of the chocolate breaking when you cut it. One piece was also enough (never true of Wall’s) with the layers of chocolate being quite thick and rich.

So I enjoyed making and think I’ll make another before we leave Sucre but add in the mint mix of a frozen cheesecake we have made a couple of times. Which is exceeding good. To the point that Melissa (another Brit here with FH) eat about a quarter of the cheesecake in one sitting. I made it in a 12” cake tin!!!!

Water Pistols are fun

At the end of last month it was Carnival here in Bolivia but though we didn’t see much of it with Sarah and Alana being ill, we did get to play with some water and Alana learned that water pistols are fun. Circa loaned her a dinosaur water pistol and it didn’t take long until she worked out how to us it and the fun of squirting people.