Sunday, 25 January 2015

Moulding Chronicle January 2015

Dear Friends,

A very Happy New year to one and all.  We hope that you were able to enjoy the festive season with friends and family and that the new year has gotten off to a positive start.

We find ourselves starting out this new year in a much more positive frame of mind. The two week Christmas break, which enabled us to step away from all normal routines, has done us all good and has given us a fresh perspective on the year that lies ahead.  The one word which is at the forefront of our minds as we face this new year is THRIVE.  2014 was a difficult year, we felt weighed down by so much, however, we wouldn’t want to go back and change it as despite the difficulties we have learnt so much through it. living in survival mode is ok for a time but certainly not sustainable and so it seemed important that this year we walked this journey learning how to really thrive.  We are still in the process of working out what it looks like on a day to day basis for each of us to be thriving, but feel that we are already making a start in the right direction in a number of different areas. 

Making the time for key relationships  outside of the home is a part of this, as is the need for exercise, to which end we now have an exercise bike and are keeping each other accountable in using it, even Alana is getting involved with this.  We also recognise our need to take regular breaks from the norm.  Some of that will mean getting away for a change of scenery, in other ways it means a change of routine and stepping away from technology.  In line with this we have been more intentional about setting aside a regular sabbath rest having been challenged and inspired by a book Sarah read last year.  For Sarah this has not been an easy thing to do and has taken some time to figure out, however she is now reaping the benefits of giving herself the permission to stop and rest.

Mid January began our new normal with school re starting and daily use of the new bike. Lucas now goes along to kinder with his big brother, who is doing a great job of encouraging him.  So now our mornings are girls only, and Sarah looks forward to the opportunities now opened up to us to travel further a field and experience a little more of the culture.

Meanwhile Ed has returned to the office in his new role of HR Co-ordinator.  At present he is spending much time staffing new positions but has new opportunities opened up to further grow and develop in new ways.

So we have a lot to look forward to this year as well as a lot more to learn.

Thank God for: 
  • A refreshing and relaxing Christmas break
  • A good start to the new school year

Ask God for:
  • Lucas to adjust to kindergarten
  • A year learning to thrive
  • Help for Ed in balancing his work load in his new role as HR Co-ordinator
  • For our visas to be renewed this time without any problems. 
Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah and Lucas

Moulding Chronicles christmas 2014

Dear Friends,

A very Merry christmas to one and all and a Happy New Year.

As we move into the season of christmas , we move closer not only to the end of the calendar year but also to the end of our second year of homeschool. As we look back on the year passing by I am amazed at how much we have learnt in the course of the year, not so much perhaps on the academics side of things though we have covered a lot, but more about who we are and how we work best.  

It has been fun to follow some of Alana’s interests throughout this year and so we have learnt how a car works and moves, the ins and outs of an engine, levers and pulleys, boats and birds. It looks like next year will be kicking off with a project on clocks - so maybe we have a little scientist or inventor in the making!

Throughout the year we have also noticed areas where we have been lacking particularly in term of friendships and so have much to praise God for in the provision of a playmate, who lives close by and who is of the same age with similar interests, and with being able to join a regular Saturday club at a local church which is a little like scouts.

We still of course have much to learn and moving into the new year we will be trying out some new methods and slightly different approaches. Both boys will be attending the local nursery in the new year so that in itself will change the dynamics somewhat but will also give us a little more freedom to explore some of the other places around the city.

At the end of November we were all able to take part in the FH national retreat in Cochabamba which provided a refreshing (though rather tiring) break away from the concrete city.  We all relished being able to be outside all day every day for the 4 days we were there playing in the open grassy spaces. During the retreat we were involved with leading the games sessions, then later on Ed was involved with sharing ideas on the new discipleship program due to launch in the new year.

As well as a time of relaxation and fun the retreat was also good for building up relationships, putting names to faces and building momentum and motivation for moving ahead into the new year.

 It has not been an easy ride this year with lots of additional stressors on all levels but as we look to the new year we look to it with a fresh hope of what God has in store for us all including another job change for Ed, but more of that to follow in the new year.

Thank God for: 
  • Documents all present and correct
  • Being a part of the FH retreat in Cochabamba as a family
  • All that has been learnt through homeschool for both Alana and Sarah

Ask God for:
  • Guidance in planning out next year and what to get involved with
  • Clarity for Ed as he transitions into another new role with HR
  • A fun and relaxing holiday period as we celebrate the birth of our wonderful Saviour

Ed, Sarah, Alana, Isaiah and Lucas